social media

We develop a media strategy based on your current branding, website, and social media sites combined with an integrated vision to ensure a plan of action specific for you. By doing this, we will establish an online presence through social media (flickr, blogs, youtube, etc.) and social networking (facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+ and more) with the result being a cozy little home online to connect with those who matter most to you. Not only do you get more followers, but we get those followers to interact. Learn more.

web design

Outsource Virtual Marketing produces websites that not only convey your unique character, but are designed with usability and ease of maintenance in mind. Our designs are clean, functional, easy to maintain, and intuitive to use. We focus on creating websites that maximize your Return on Investment. We know that it is essential to have a close working relationship with all of our customers. Whether its website design, redesign, or blog development, every website that we construct - large or small - follows the same important phases: definition, design, development, deployment. Learn more.

SEarch engine Optimization

At Outsource Virtual Marketing, we know that having a great-looking website is only half the battle in achieving a successful website. What good is a beautiful design if no one can FIND the website? Effective online marketing can help your organization’s message reach your target audience and bring visitors to your website. There are hundreds of millions of websites on the web today, and our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will help yours stand out. There are two key components to a successful SEO campaign. The first is on-site marketing which consists of editing content, metatags, keyword integration and updating your website regularly with relevant and interesting content. Learn more.


A virtual marketing assistant (VMA) is your answer to achieving more hours in your day while seeing your business develop and grow. As a VMA, we offer email marketing support including mailing list sign-up forms, maintenance of your subscriber list through a third party software as well as custom designed HTML e-mail templates to promote your company, and implementation of your newsletters (weekly, monthly or quarterly). To make it easier on you, we will schedule all emails and then provide feedback with the results, while complying with anti-spam laws. Learn more.