We develop a media strategy based on your current branding, website, and social media sites combined with an integrated vision to ensure a plan of action specific for you. By doing this, we will establish an online presence through social media (flickr, blogs, youtube, etc.) and social networking (facebook, linkedin, twitter, myspace, and more) with the result being a cozy little home online to connect with those who matter most to you. Not only do you get more followers, but we get those followers to interact and invite more!

If you already have social network sites, we can revamp them with media marketing and SEO rich content. We post to your social networks for you, allowing you to focus on your business. No social media sites, no worries! We would be happy to design your profiles with your company's vision and branding in mind. And don't forget the media coaching "how to"! If you prefer us not doing the posting for you, we can suggest content, timing, promotions, and social networks - basically the how, when, what, and where to post and how to be most effective on the internet. Our goal is to increase your social network relevance with an internet-based social marketing strategy.

We always start with your custom and beautifully crafted profile creation, including social communications development, then move into conversation management, site monitoring, location-based marketing and lastly (but certainly not least) blog design. We have more Social Media Services than you can possibly think of- see more where this came from. Our social media marketing services include:

Blog Directory Listing
Blog Set-up
Blog Maintenance
Blog Design
Twitter Set-up
Customized Twitter Backgrounds
Google Alert Set-up
Google Place Set-up and Optimization
Facebook Development
LinkedIn Profile Set-up and Connection Progress Implementation

Local & Niche Network Identification, Set-up and Optimization
Local Marketing Strategies
Social Media Assessment + Management
Social Media Profile Set-up & Optimization
Social Media Strategies
Social Media Training 
Strategy Consulting & Action Plans
Social Profile Creation & Development
Social Site Development & Monitoring
Social Conversation Management
Online Video Campaigns