8 Web Design Trends to Watch For in 2015

Internet can be pretty fickle, we all know that. One day you are in, the next day you may be out. It is hard to follow the latest trends and be up-to-date with the novelties, especially in the realm of vibrant and diverse industry such as web design. Thanks to these predictions for 2015, you will know what is going to be in fashion and you will be able to stay on top of the hottest web design trends for this year.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the trends that has been building up for several years now, so it is most probable that 2015 will bring new adaptations of this technique. The magic behind parallax scrolling is that it creates almost 3D effect while scrolling down the page and making foreground and background of the page move at different paces. Skrollr or ScrollMagic will help you implement all the elements you wish to incorporate. This technique is already in use, successfully serving its purpose across different fields, therefore it’s most likely to take over web design in 2015.


Intelligent Designing

Creative ingenuity goes a long way, but will you really need that in 2015? Brace yourselves, as it will be the year of AI design. If the term means nothing to you yet, be sure to check out The Grid. It is the first artificial intelligence platform, still under development, that in the future will create autodesigned websites by analyzing the content users input. Official release is planned for spring, so mark your calendars!


Vibrant Design

BaseKit co-founder Richard Healy believes Google's Material design specification – intended to combine the texture and tactility of paper and ink with the 'imagination and magic of digital' – will inspire designers.

"Think bold, graphical and intentional. We're talking vibrant, unexpected colours, contrasted with subdued and muted environments; large-scale typography, soft directional lighting and shadow; the use of responsive design best practices; and meaningful motion – carefully choreographed animation that provides fluid, seamless touch transitions and, more importantly, delights users."



Designer Laura Kalbag (laurakalbag.com) says we've long "designed for security, so people can trust forms and checkouts with their information". Now, as people become aware of how data can be exchanged with third parties, "they'll be reluctant to share it without good reason — and rightly so".


User interface animations (UI)

The interactive nature of the internet has made many designers rethink user interfaces. Moving towards not only smarter and more functional, but also more impressive and more powerful websites, UI animations will play crucial role in designing web pages in 2015. The animations and videos will tend to have better quality, too. Drawings and handwritten fonts are going to be equally popular this year, as growing number of customers look for that personalized, unique touch they offer.


Mobile friendly design

Growing demand for design for multi-device landscape poses a lot of difficulties, therefore we predict that with the advancement of technology, this area of web design will grow significantly this year. As designers, we will need to rethink use of responsive design to make sure modern websites are correctly displayed on smartphones, tablets, and smart watches, TVs, and home appliances. All in all, web design is about more than just presentation, isn’t it?


Flat design

Flat design is an increasingly attractive technique that will grow even bigger this year. Big, bold typography accompanied by eye-catching graphics and intensive colors has attracted attention of minimalists from all over the world. As a result, growing number of users appreciate modern, clutter-free space making the most effective use of keywords and buttons to navigate through the page. It is definitely a trend to watch for.



Designer Robby Leonardi mulls that perhaps 2015's big trend will be iteration on what we already have: "We just had trends such as responsive and flat design, and it will take time for another big thing to happen." By contrast, he sees enhancements on existing concepts and technologies, with increasingly sophisticated web layouts, better typography, and more designing in the browser.


Each year brings new possibilities. 2014 has witnessed the end of some inspired trends to make room for the new ones. 2015 will definitely bring some excitement to the world of web design, so watch carefully not to miss anything. You can always contact us for web design knowledge and information on how to jump-start your company and put one of these techniques (and more) into action!