Friday Fill-Ins: What Have You Accomplished This Week??

It's Friday! Which means that it's time to end your week with a bang! We're sure that your prospect-to-client conversion is 100%, you've completed all of your tasks, and you are not one bit worried about what next week will bring. And of course we are laughing sarcastically as we type this because we all know that if those three things were true, you would not be living in the real world. The entrepreneurial world is not perfect, and the weeks can be tough! Sometimes it's a success to just get through the week, much less land a new client or professional relationship.

This is why we have created a little thing called "Friday Fill-Ins" for our own sanity, so that we can leave the workaholic, business-owner-self at the office at the end of the week!

There is a lot that you simply can't accomplish during the week even if you did utilize the "work smarter, not harder" theory. But there is also a lot that you did achieve, and for that you need to pat yourself on the back and not be so hard on yourself. It is key to stay motivated and inspired, even if you didn't "close the deal" on that huge client that you've been wanting for months. Que the old saying, there are a lot of fish in the sea. Don't sweat it.

Here are some Friday Fill-Ins to take with you this weekend to prepare you for a brilliantly successful impending week:

I didn't obtain as many clients as I wanted to, but I did achieve _____________ . (This can be something personal or professional - For ex.: It's still important to attend your son's first soccer game and it is most certainly an accomplishment!)

I completed _____ amount of tasks, the most important being ___________ .

I made _____ connections this week, and will schedule lunch/dinner/drinks with _____ next week.

I accomplished ______ tasks towards the growth of my business.

We can accomplish _____ tasks next week towards our big hairy audacious goal.

We could do __________ differently next week to save time.

If I were my client, I would want ___________ to be part of my products/services (this is also a good question to put on your survey!)

___________ was the smallest change that I made this week that has made the biggest positive result.

Why do our customers like us?

If we could accomplish once thing next week, it would be _____________ .

Do we have the right people on the bus?

What can we do to ensure that a client would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

I will stop doing ___________ next week.

We hope you like Friday Fill-Ins as much as we do, and would love to hear some of your own fill-ins in the comments!

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