What to Say When a Potential Client Thinks You're Too Expensive + Sneak Peek Into Our E-Book!

More times than not, some of my best ideas (or at least I think the'yre pretty good) come to me when I am laying in bed at night not able to sleep and thinking of how I can make small business owners' lives easier while making their business thrive. Last night was no exception, and I'd love to share our latest venture towards our goal of freedom for the freelancers!

Small business owners are burdened with the task of writing some pretty difficult emails to clients, sometimes even on a daily basis. So we thought how great (and time-efficient) would it be to have an email template for situations where you just don’t know what to say… whether it be about a late payment, or you accidentally deleted the client’s entire account.

Because let's be honest, sometimes all you can string together when you’re stressed out is a stream of curses, and that’s not good for your business.

So that's exactly what we did! We created an e-book that is very simple, and you won't find flowery language that doesn’t fit your brand (though you can add it if you want!). Instead, these email templates are polite, yet to-the-point and are designed to get your message across in a clear way without offending anyone. It will include 24 problem situations (or more if we can think of them!) with a whopping 68 responses that you can copy + paste and tweak to send to your clients!

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 10.39.13 AM.png

So exciting, right? I know, you can't wait! But for now, here is an appetizer to this brilliant entree- which is what to say when a potential client thinks you're too expensive!...

If you’ve been in any business for a while, you’ve likely heard this from a potential client (pc) before- “you’re too expensive!” or something to that effect, anyhow.

So what do you do?

You’ve got a few options! Here are some handy-dandy email scripts I’ve created that you can copy+paste, and tweak to send to those potential clients!

What to say when a potential client thinks you’re too expensive

Option One – Educate PC on Why You’re Awesome

Hey ____!

I realize that this is a large investment, but I can assure you that I am delivering top-notch service that you won’t receive with a low-cost alternative. I have ____ years of experience and do more than just ____. Included in my services is ____, ____, and ____. I work with you to really make sure that you’re receiving a _____ that works for you and your company. By hiring me you’re sure to see results like ____, and ____!

If you’re not ready to invest in your business, I understand. Please keep me in mind for the future!



Option Two – Ditch PC, He/She Will Haggle the Entire Project Anyhow

Hey ____!

I realize that this is a large investment and it sounds like you’re hesitant to invest that much at this time. If in the future you are ready to take your ____ to the next level, please feel free to get in touch!



Like these scripts? Stay tuned for the e-book! 



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