Five Fantastic Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, family, football, and food comas. What do all of these have in common? Thanksgiving. As Thanksgiving approaches, your holiday marketing should be swinging into high gear. Holidays like these present the perfect opportunity to get creative with your marketing and sales strategies. Whether marketing a special promotion, giving away a product or service, or even just sticking a cartoon turkey on your November newsletter will keep you relevant and noticeable during the upcoming weeks.

How to Create High-Quality Video for Social Media

Video in online marketing is increasing at an exponential rate. Did you know that the use of video content increased from 8% to 58% in 2014 alone? More than that, the number of videos from brands on Facebook increased by 3.6x year over year.

So this poses the question, does all this video really help companies succeed? Yes! Social media posts with videos in them boost views by 48%, and visual content on Facebook specifically increases engagement by 65%. This means more people seeing your content, more people going to your website, and more people buying ... just by adding in a video! Talk about a lot of value.

Why People Are Begging You to Turn on Instagram Notifications

We have been waiting for this day for quite some time. When Facebook bought Instagram in April 2012, my gut reminded me that this meant more boosted posts, more algorithms and more dreadful "outreach scores" from the newly purchased platform in the near future. There was no question but just a matter of time. Fast forward four years later and here we are, anticipating the largest social network once again tweaking an algorithm and wreaking havoc in our feeds. Maybe.

Adobe: Photoshop vs. Illustrator vs. Indesign

Today I would like to attempt to clarify a lot of misconceptions regarding the Adobe Products. But most importantly the best practical approach on using “three” basic design platforms created by Adobe. This article/tutorial covers mostly the three practical software to use for art and design, which are, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

When to Use a Facebook Local Business Page Vs a Company Page

Facebook will offer you several options when you set up a page for your organization. Usually, though, you’ll find yourself choosing between a ‘Company, organization or Institution’ page, and a ‘Local Business or Place’ one. While in some cases the choice is obvious – if you’re a university, you’ll be wanting to be an Institution, not a Local Business or Place – for other organizations the decision can be a little more complex.

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

For our clients and friends in the legal industry, we wanted to devote a blog to your marketing strategy; specifically what you should do with your social media marketing (there are different rules for the legal industry after all). So we have done just that...