web design + development

Website design should always start with your principal goals in mind. For instance, if you are part of a group or association, managing an event, or are part of a nonprofit, then you are most likely looking for an informational website. If you have the desire to sell a product online, then you will probably want to look into creating an eCommerce Website. If you would like to be able to make your own content changes when necessary, without having to contact a web designer, you might be interested in building the site on top of a content management system (CMS).

questions to ask yourself before starting a website

It’s important to have an idea of what you are looking for in a website before you start looking around for a web design company. Knowing what to ask for will help you to avoid unwelcome surprises in the future. Regardless if you are tech-challenged or tech-savvy, ask yourself the questions below to help determine what you would like the finished website to feature:

  • What kinds of widgets or tools will I need my website to feature?
  • What will the level of customer interaction be?
  • Will I be capable of editing my own website, and if so, will I need the ability to directly edit it myself?
  • Have I registered for the domain name yet (i.e. http://www.CompanyDomain.com)?
  • If there is a level of customer interaction needed, how do you envision this working for these potential customers?
  • Will I be selling a product or service?
  • Are there existing websites that I would like my website to emulate, in terms of design or functionality?

Planning and Budgeting

Remember that websites may be developed in stages. You might desire the fully functional website with loads of bells and whistles, but you might initially only be able to afford the basics. That’s not a problem, and it also offers a good opportunity for you to weigh your wants versus. your needs. It’s a good idea to make a short list determining what you can live without for the time being before contacting a web design company. Features can always be added and upgraded down the road when there is more revenue available.

Moving Forward

The next step is to contact Outsource so that we can work with you to figure out what your goals are and how much time would need to be scheduled to develop your website. We will then use this information to present you with a proposal. We will also present you with helpful feedback and a timeline you can use to estimate the turnaround time on your new website.

Note: Already have an existing website and wondering if it deserves a facelift? We also specialize in website redesign and blog development.