As your corporate and virtual event coordinator, we provide the following services:

Project Plan Creation- From start to finish, we will take charge. With tiny details to very broad ideas, we can discuss the plan, budget, return on investment, vendors, team management and more. Leave it to Outsource to conduct the experience and bring the results.

Bookings and payments- We will set up an online booking and payment system, and keep track of the number of attendees. We will send you the details of people who have RSVP'd and send out follow up and reminder emails about the event. We can also post a calendar to your website and sync it with your social media pages for possible attendees to book. Payments being made by invoice? Outsource will raise and send out the invoices, and follow up with payment. 

Event promotion- Traditional and Internet Marketing play a key role in promoting events, specifically SEO and personal contact. We will utilize search engine marketing, personally contact possible attendees, create and mail brochures, and other marketing tactics. 

Manage attendees/speakers- It can be time-consuming to handle all the inquiries, emails, and RSVP's from attendees and speakers. Let Outsource do the work for you. We will handle any issues or inquiries via phone or email, manage and invite speakers, create topics, agendas and presentation summaries, upload all updated information to the booking page on the website, and connect it to the SEO sources. We will also prepare and collate any materials such as agendas, name badges, goody bags etc, and manage equipment requirements for the speakers.

Continuing Education- Want to provide continuing education for your corporate or virtual event? We will handle all continuing education requirements, including contacting the continuing education agency for requirements, abiding by those stipulations, applying for accreditation, and submitting attendance for credit post-event.

Liaise with venue- Ensuring that everything is set up properly at the venue is essential for the success of any event. We will research to determine which venue fits correctly with your budget and vision, contact the venue manager, and negotiate dates, budgeting and catering. From the week leading up to event to the day of, we will work with the venue to ensure that the room is set up correctly, all necessary equipment is in place and working properly, there is sufficient catering, and that guests can arrive in an orderly and stress-free fashion to sign in and enjoy your corporate masterpiece.

Follow up after event- Once the event is finished, it’s essential to get feedback from the attendees as this is invaluable when planning future events. We will set up and send out a questionnaire, and collate feedback received. We will also email details from you about any future events that may be of interest to them.


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